Chara's real list

I have added my information on this REAL list (though if anyone wants to buy me a dishwasher I won't turn it down)

1. Seat Covers for my car (or a new car… )
2. Skirts (size 12)
3. A puppy
4. A new Salt Shaker in my China pattern.
5. Gift Cert. to Target
6. Subscription to “Simple” Magazine.
7. Willow Tree Angels (sappy, but I like them)

8. Books from my Amazon.com list (You can find my list by putting in my e-mail address- Chara_Watson@yahoo.com)
9. A pedicure and manicure
10. A massage (my husband can't spell either)

Here's some things from Chara's list in 2004:
  • Pajamas
  • Sweaters
  • Subscription to Living Magazine
  • Movies: the Spitfire Grill
  • Chocalate covered cherries


Laura and John said...

he he, sappy.

Laura and John said...

I'll take a dishwasher too please.

kate said...

Oooh, I love the Spitfire Grill. Such a good movie.