Josh's List for 2006

Please do remember, these are just suggestions. I am not expecting to get all of these presents. Thanks. If you're not sure if someone has purchased something, just talk to Chara.
  • A CD by Meridian
  • Rank Strangers CD
  • Guitar strings like this or like this
  • Guitar lessons (you find them, I'll take them)
  • 512 megabyte - 1 GB MP3 player charges via USB cord
  • 1 Gigabyte memory card for camera at Office Max for $13
  • Men's Avia running shoes, size 10 for $13 at Academy Sports
  • Fold up portable speakers for an MP3 player for $8 at Radio Shack
Here are some things that I don't really want anyone to get me. These are for me to save up and buy myself. This just helps me remember and they are Black Friday prices. I wouldn't spend any more than this on any other day.
  • 6-8 megapixel, 3-5x optical zoom digital camera:
    • Tech Manual for a 2002 Kia Rio
    • Kayak at Dick's Sporting Goods for $200