Chara and Jonah


Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons three and four on DVD

A set of durable, pretty mixing bowls.

Alice in Wonderland DVD

Aprons are always welcome as well as this book.

This book: From Beast to Blonde by Marina Warner

Cookbooks are always welcome.


Anything Thomas the Tank Engine is good:
  • The wooden railroad tracks you can buy at WM or Target (circo) would be good, since we only have enough to go in a small circle.
  • the little metal trains from walmart and target, (he would particularly like Toby, Henry, Percy, James and Harold)
  • a t-shirt or a backpack would also be welcomed, if you can find them.

Jonah also likes Bob the Builder and John Deere tractors.

He could use some socks.

He likes books. Some suggestions would be Ping, The Fat Cat, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Okay- anything with animals or big machines.



2009 List

Well, I only post once a year, but hopefully that helps some folks. This is more a list for me (Josh) to remember things I would like to save up and buy for myself. If you want to purchase any of the smaller items, feel free. However, I recommend spending your money on a little guy named Jonah. Thanks!